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The fees at this office are as of 04-01-2013:

$50     for a short medication management appointment 

$75     for a longer medication management /psychotherapy appointment

$100   for an evaluation of a new patient

$  5      per prescription may be charged if you lose  written prescription or need a

             phone-in refill due to delayed follow up

$10      for phone calls after hours that are not urgent, or for excessive calls during

             business hours

$50      for appointments which are not cancelled more than 24 hours in advance

             (this fee may be waved at Dr. Paolone's discretion for a true emergency)

$75      for a new evaluation which is not cancelled more than 24 hours in advance

             (this fee may be waved at Dr. Paolone's discretion for a true emergency)

$55    for a returned check


​If you are interested in scheduling a Video-Visit-Appointment


Paying for Treatment


This office is the private practice of Vincent Paolone, M.D.  He will not participate in managed care plans or accept direct payments from Medicare. He expects payment in cash or check at the time of service. 

What are the benefits of paying cash?


1. No requirement to have a psychotherapist. Many practices require you to have visit with a

    therapist every 2 to 4 weeks to gain access to the psychiatrist. You actually save money if

    you don't need a therapist. If you do need psychotherapy, then you can have longer visits

    with me, or I will refer you to one.

2. Many insurance co-pays are already $25 to $50 per visit.

3. Fewer Hassles!  I can treat you as I believe you should be treated rather than as your

    insurance company dictates.

4. Quick access to a new evaluation and frequent follow-ups.

5. You can still use your insurance for prescriptions and labs. You will receive a receipt which

    you can give to your insurance company to try to get a reimbursement if you have

    out-of-network benefits for appointments.  

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​7010 South Ave., Suite 7, Boardman, Ohio 44512


About Dr. Paolone


Vincent Paolone, M.D. is a board certified psychiatrist in Boardman, Ohio. He treats adolescents aged 13 and older, adults, and geriatric patients with a wide variety of mental health diagnoses.

Dr. Paolone's treatment focuses on psychiatric medication, but he also provides psychotherapy with a cognitive-behavioral approach. 

He attended Harvard University from 1984 to 1988 and graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree. From 1988 to 1992 he attended Ohio State University College of Medicine. His internship and residency were at The Cleveland Clinic Foundation from 1992 to 1996. He speaks German and Spanish (se habla Español).

Office Hours


​The current office hours are

Mondays   9am-7:30pm,

Thursdays 9am-7pm,

Fridays      10:30am-2:30pm, 

and 2-3 Saturdays per month.


​If you are having an emergency,

please go to the nearest

emergency room.